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THIS Evening, Thursday February 14, might be introduced a new Romantic Drama, entitled THE VAMPIRE BRIDE, or WAKE NOT THE DEAD, during which a Lady Amateur will appear. A number of singing and dancing. A Solo on the Clarionette by Mr. Gatland. To conclude with a brand new Farce, called THE ORIGINAL. The Hall may be let for any respectable conferences, lectures, live shows, &c, by utility to Mr. Jacobs.

Isabella MELODIA

has been established upwards of 26 12 months’s, having been commenced by the late Mr. Joseph Wilkie alone in 1850, in the premises which have been occupied as much as the current time, and were then very restricted in size. His enterprise prospered significantly, in order that his name turned a family word all through the Australian colonies . On Tuesday final, an old man named Thomas Girle, died at his residence, in Torrington-street,

Senior Sergeant Ferguson despatched three constables to the residence of Mr. James Mortimer Gates on Tuesday last where they found the proprietor seriously ill and in a partially neglected state. He was without delay conveyed to the Hospital on a stretcher by the constables and a member of the Ambulance Brigade. He, however, only Isabella MELODIA lingered a very few hours, dying quietly early yesterday morning, the purpose for demise being most cancers of the abdomen. The deceased, who was fifty nine years of age, was for an extended time recognized in connection with the Hibernian band, of which he was bandmaster for some years. The funeral takes place to-day.

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corroborating her father’s proof as far as regarded the time she was with him; next day he had a minimize face, and no cash. We remorse to state that the wife of certainly one of our oldest musicians, Mr. John Gabb, was stricken with paralysis on Saturday evening . John Friend, John Gabb; William McCann. Phillip O’Neil, Alexander Webster, John Peters, Thomas Robinson,

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by doing their utmost to secure him a “bumper.” In looking for out and arranging repertoire for his in style outside band recitals, Gassner fostered the talents of native composers. In New Zealand his band had performed The Waikato waltz, by fellow bandmaster, Edward Bergmann of the Band of the 18th Regiment.

Signor Antonio Giammona, who got here to Australia with Ilma di Murska, has not very lengthy survived “the Hungarian Nightingale.” Signor Giammona was engaged as the tenor of the Di Murska Concert Company, however lost his voice crossing the Atlantic from Liverpool, to New York. The then took to the flute, which he performed on the Australian concerts, and at last settled down in Melbourne as a trendy singing grasp.

during the last twenty-five years, begs to inform them that he’s about leaving the colony for San Francisco, and would strongly suggest his successor, Mr. AUGUSTUS GEHDE, as a very cautious and competent master. Mr. Marsh has no doubt Mr. Gehde will give every satisfaction to those that may avail themselves of his providers. On the 1st immediate, at her residence, 149, Clarence-street, Mrs. August Gehde, of a son. On arrival in Sydney in the early 1850, August senior was briefly employed as an assistant within the music store of W.

THIS DAY, July 14, at half-past 10 o’clock. To Musicians, Members of Orchestras, Professionals, Teachers of Music, Private Parties, and others. DUNN and LISTER have obtained directions from the Curator of Intestate Estates to promote by auction, THIS DAY, July 14, at half previous 10 o’clock, The furniture, clothes, musical devices, music, and affects of the late Mr. John Gibbs, deceased. The collection of music could be very intensive and varied, comprising all the principal operas, theatrical, sacred, comedian, and dance. The violins are by celebrated makers – one is especially worthy of notice, being the make of Andrew Guarnerius,

The members of the Beechworth Tonic Sol Fa Association gave their first public concert on the Town Hall on Tuesday night final, with a result that must have been equally as gratifying to themselves, as it was pleasing to the audience, who assembled in quantity sufficient to fill the larger portion of the constructing. In widespread with all current we have been most agreeably surprised at finding the excessive state of efficiency to which the vocalists had attained.

The several gadgets were executed with nice impact, and reflected infinite credit score on Mr. Gassner and his glorious band. Some dissatisfaction was expressed on the interruptions occasioned by an organization of Volunteers maintaining a fusilade within the Inner Domain, and at instances rendering the music nearly inaudible. He would say, let music turn out to be the widespread property of all, from the king to the peasant –

and for his or her different concert appearances. These included his march Rifle Volunteers, and his overture The exiled. As properly as the overture, Gassner additionally launched a coro e cavatina from The exiled in Auckland in 1864, and campaign quadrilles Lanka and Katoogastotto. – July 26, 1903, at his late residence, Pennant-street, Parramatta, James Joseph Garland, aged 59 years. He next argued the propriety of cultivating sacred music on the ground of its being accompanied by the least expense,