Tuesday, July 23

60% more employee retention in Asia’s top companies because to generative AI

It is anticipated that over 60% of Asia’s leading corporations would modernize their software and hardware. The decision has been made to boost employee retention through customized work experiences and improved cooperation; the implementation will begin in 2025.

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A recent paper claims that generative AI has become a game-changer for the progress of organizations, seamlessly tying together three important fronts: knowledge sharing, generative automation, and intelligent document processing (IDP).

According to an IDC analysis, “By 2026, businesses that link GenAI to smart document handling will discover 20 per cent more ways to use it, boosting productivity, scalability, and delivering better customer experiences.”

By utilizing code generation copilots, business teams were able to replace low-code and IT-supported development by 2024, achieving a 70% success rate in task/workflow automation.

According to the paper, by 2025, senior executives will be able to quadruple the productive use of unstructured data by uncovering previously undiscovered insights and information. This will result in a 20% increase in sustained business advantages.

“With GenAI enabling personalised development, the emphasis on skill development becomes a necessity and a strategic imperative.” Reimagining workplaces with digital twins and sustainability stand out as important priorities for businesses at the same time, according to Dr. Lily Phan, Research Director, Future of Work, IDC Asia/Pacific.

The implementation of GenAI will speed the redefining or elimination of 40% of present employment positions across organizations by 2027. According to the paper, by 2027, businesses will use individualized tech skills development to generate $1 trillion in productivity benefits, made possible by automation and general artificial intelligence.