Wednesday, May 29

Young Minds Explore Space: International competition showcases scientific creativity 2023

Young scientists worldwide compete to create the most inventive space projects. The inaugural International Space Science and Scientific Payload Competition in Foshan, southern China, concludes Friday. Huang Fei says.

Over 100 university teams from 30 nations competed.

Thirty reached the final stage and presented their space experiment and instrument design proposals.

They propose nanosatellites, space debris capture, and more.

Ursula Andrea Martinez, Madrid Polytechnic University student We use boundary temperatures to regulate fluids in microgravity. Our experiment’s fundamental concept is that.”

BIT student YVETTE LIU “We did a quantitative PCR payload for disease, microbial, and floated water monitoring in orbit to help monitor the space station’s environment.”

Winners will get cash and be considered for use on China’s Space Station and the International Space Station.

Dan-Cristian Gligor, Madrid Polytechnic University student Space should be shared by all nations. International competition in events like these benefits society.”

NTU Professor and Aerospace Engineer ERICK LANSARD I think colleges and research centers are excellent for low-cost innovation. “Some of these ideas will mature and become products, maybe sold, but at the beginning, we need creativity.”

The Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft brought food and other supplies to China’s Space Station two days prior.

While reducing re-supply missions, Tiangong’s crew will explore for a decade.

Huang Fei Foshan, Guangdong This competition is an entry-level search for ideas and abilities that might benefit China’s Space Station. China has announced UN-sponsored space experiments. China’s space infrastructure should be available to scientists worldwide. Huang Fei, CGTN, Foshan, Guangdong.”

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