Saturday, June 15

US Landed On the Moon? Ex-Russian Space Boss Unconvinced 2023

In 1969, humans made their first steps on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. However, even after more than half a century, the veracity of the moon landing is still questioned. Among those requesting substantiation is former director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

On Sunday, via his Telegram handle, the former Russian space chief disclosed that he decided to uncover the truth “about ten years ago” while working for the government. His suspicions intensified as he observed how exhausted and worn out Soviet astronauts appeared upon their return from space, in stark contrast to the Apollo 11 crew’s youthful appearance.

He stated in the post that he sent multiple requests for evidence but did not receive a satisfactory response. He only received a volume that detailed Aleksey Leonov’s experience conversing with American Moon-bound astronauts. Rogozin’s quest did not conclude there, however. In 2018, he was appointed head of Roscosmos, where he pursued his research.

Rogozin describes his experience seeking for evidence.

Once again, no evidence was presented to him, and several experts criticized him for undermining the “sacred cooperation with NASA.” In addition, he reported receiving “an angry phone call from a high-ranking official” who criticized him for attempting to harm international relations.

The head of Roscosmos concluded his post by stating that he is still unable to believe that the United States was able to achieve such a milestone in the 1960s, particularly considering that it has yet to repeat history despite the advancement of technology. While he found no evidence of the moon landing, he claimed to have discovered that Washington has “its people in the Russian establishment.”

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