Wednesday, May 29

NJ lawmakers hold hearing on Jersey Shore whale, dolphin fatalities 2023

On Thursday, members of the legislature in Trenton are scheduled to hear testimony from a panel of specialists about the recent deaths of whales and dolphins near the Jersey Shore.

The Assembly Committee on Science, Innovation, and Technology will have the chance to listen to and question a panel of science-based professionals during this event.

On Wednesday, Jim Murdoch of News 12 New Jersey met with members of the New Jersey legislature, all of whom stated that they need facts rather than opinions and some answers as to what is driving the rise in the number of fatalities.

NJ politicians discuss whale and dolphin deaths.

The opinions surrounding offshore wind studies continue to impact how citizens of New Jersey feel about the proposed windmills, which is why this hearing is being held at this time.

According to Governor Phil Murphy and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), a recent survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University showed that 39% of individuals polled want the work to be halted, despite the fact that there has been no scientific proof linking the fatalities.

Additionally, the governor and the DEP both state that the deaths have not been linked. When the issue is framed to address the recent deaths of marine mammals, 35% of respondents believe the practice should be maintained.

At least nine whales have either washed up on the shores of New Jersey or have been sighted drifting in the seas off the state dead since December.

Even more dolphins and porpoises have been found in New Jersey waters, with a total of 28 having been discovered by the end of the month of April.
The commencement of the hearing is set at ten o’clock in the morning.

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