Saturday, June 15

June has wonderful planets 2023

Venus and Mars are best viewed now.

These two planets are among the most visible celestial skywatching phenomena in June 2023. And more. Other bright planets and stars are seen.

“The planets of war and love draw nearer each night, as the bright stars of Northern Hemisphere summer rise,” NASA adds.

Viewing Mars and Venus

It’s easy. They’re apparent in light pollution. Clear evenings need looking up.

“You can watch Mars and Venus draw closer together throughout the month in the western sky following sunset,” NASA says.

Mars, reddish, will appear above Venus:

Venus, a hellish planet 900 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than a pizza oven, is particularly dazzling. The moon is brighter than it. It’s always covered in poisonous sulfuric acid clouds that reflect sunlight into space.

That’s why Venus has fascinated people for millennia. “It was called the most beautiful star in the sky by Homer, author of ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’—two of the oldest and most important works in Greek literature,” NASA said (opens in a new tab).

Mars is the solar system’s most explored planet after Earth. Planetary experts believe the Red Planet has immense seas, lakes, and rivers.

Mars lost its atmosphere and became a desert. NASA and other space organizations are examining this planet for signs of previous habitability and extinct microbial life.

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