Tuesday, July 23

Indonesian science competition honors young scientists 2023

After effectively presenting their scientific research at the main final of the Indonesia International Science, Technology, and Engineering Competition (ISTEC) in Bali, a group of young South African scientists received an award.

In December of last year, they competed at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF) and were awarded the opportunity to present their research projects at the ISTEC.

Luke Boswell (9th grade, Pearson High School, Port Elizabeth) and Matthew Crouch (10th grade, Paul Roos Gimnasium, Stellenbosch) were both awarded gold medals.

Silver medals were awarded to Zariah Parker (Grade 10) of Star College Cape Town and Ndzhaka Mukele Siweya (Grade 12) of Khanyisa Learning Centre in Giyani, Limpopo.

Each of the four students was awarded a medal.

Matthew stated that the competition was a worthy goal and that he learned a great deal about the various cultures in Indonesia.

“I would like to encourage prospective young scientists to be inquisitive and fearless about asking questions. Matthew advised, “Be passionate about what you do and view negative outcomes and failures as learning opportunities along the path to ultimate success.”

Zariah remarked that her participation in the scientific exhibition had provided her with numerous new opportunities.

“I had a great time, learned many new things, tried new foods, met wonderful young scientists, witnessed breathtaking vistas, and created unforgettable memories.” Future young scientists should remember that science is more than a compilation of facts and formulas; it is a voyage of awe, inquisitiveness, and perseverance. “Embrace the beauty of the unknown, savor the thrill of discovery, and allow your passion for science to illuminate your path,” advised Parker.

Annami van Rooyen, subject director of natural sciences at Paul Roos Gimnasium, stated that they were incredibly proud of Matthew and eager to receive him home.

“He performed an outstanding job in Bali, and his endeavor continued to impress the judges. “The Expo teachers at PRG would like to thank Matthew for seizing this opportunity and making it such a success,” said Van Rooyen.

Sumaya Nassiep, chief executive officer of the Eskom Development Foundation, congratulated the young scientists on their remarkable accomplishments.

“As the founders of the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists, we would like to acknowledge the dedication, passion, and perseverance of the medal-winning students. The significance of their contributions to the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and innovation (STEMI) is highlighted by their outstanding performance at the ISTEC, according to Nassiep.

Nassiep encourages young minds to appreciate the marvels of STEMI and pursue their scientific interests with zeal and resolve.

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