Tuesday, June 18

Ikon Science’s 4D inversion tools 2023

Ikon Science, a global provider of prediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services, has launched its 4D inversion technology instrument. This investigation instrument for geophysical and well data is included in RokDoc 2023.3.

As the complexity of subsurface exploration increases, there is less space for error. For exploration and production activities, quantitative interpretation algorithms must generate not only an accurate prediction of properties, but also a thorough comprehension of uncertainty.

The Time-Lapse Ji-Fi app from Ikon provides comprehensive 4D fluid tracking capabilities for production and injection scenarios and is pertinent to the majority of hydrocarbon production campaigns – as well as Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) initiatives. The new application integrates workflows for consistent 4D reservoir analysis.

Tools for 4D inversion technology have been introduced by Ikon Science.

New sand, shale, and carbonate rock physics models that capture compaction and clay evolution have been added to the RokDoc and rock physics modeling function (RPML) libraries as new rock physics models enable functionality for a larger family of geologic processes and workflows.

In addition, a new fractured-carbonate rock physics model for the feasibility and prediction of fracture density facilitates data sharing and integration with geomechanics workflows.

Deep QI machine learning and automation of rock physics functions are augmented with XGBoost, which is now combined with grid search for parameter optimization. This machine learning property prediction and automated RPML algorithm is enhanced to calibrate mineral volumes directly in rock physics models.

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