Tuesday, June 18

Himachal meth seizure worries police 2023

A recent seizure of methamphetamine in the district of Solan has sparked fears that, following the introduction of adulterated heroin “chitta,” this recreational substance is also making inroads in Himachal Pradesh.

Police say this is the first time the substance has been seized in the state, despite the modest amount recovered.

The seizure of meth is a significant issue because the introduction of high-end drugs into Himachal indicates that the availability of ‘chitta’ has transformed the state into a drug-consuming market, and now new drugs are being introduced,” SP Virender Sharma of Solan told PTI.

Three individuals, including two from Kharar in Punjab, were detained in Parwanoo last week with 1.56 grams of methamphetamine or meth and 22 grams of chitta.

The trio had come to Parwanoo to give over the narcotics for Rs 10,000.

According to the Global Drug Survey, 4.8% of meth users required emergent medical attention after consumption, making meth more dangerous than other substances. Meth, which produces an immediate high, is used at raves and combined with other substances to increase their addictiveness.

Methamphetamine detection suggests that either trance parties are being organized or the substance is being used for adulteration. Arun Sharma, the former director of the State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL), described the situation as grave.

Former convener and advisor of HP Nasha Nivaran Board O P Sharma stated that inter-agency coordination is required to comprehend the dynamics and origins of drug trafficking. Previously, meth was mixed with chitta and other synthetic drugs.

“Recovery of meth indicates that smugglers may be attempting to manufacture chitta locally,” he said.

In the districts of Kullu and Mandi, the heroin precursor opium is cultivated, and it is simple to steal acetic anhydride, an industrial compound used in the production of chitta. Meth is a substitute for amphetamine, a stimulant of the central nervous system that makes chitta 120 times more addictive, said Sharma, a member of the Institute for Narcotics Studies and Analysis.

The state’s Chitta consumption has multiplied over the past few years, and the seizure has increased from 3.4 kg in 2017 to 11.52 kg in 2022. Each year, the state registers over 1,500 NDPS cases and makes over 2,000 arrests.

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