Tuesday, July 23

Chen Zheyuan: Who is he?

Born on October 29, 1996, Chen Zheyuan is a Chinese actor, model, and singer. His parts in the wuxia drama Handsome Siblings (2020) and the coming-of-age film Our Secret (2021) are what made him most famous. After the drama Mr. Bad(2022) aired, he had enormous success on a worldwide scale. Hidden Love(2023), which became one of the dramas with the highest viewership of the year, further cemented his fame.

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On October 29, 1996, Chen Zheyuan was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is Gramarie who oversees him. He received his degree from Shenzhen University’s Department of Performance. After finishing his studies, he entered the entertainment sector to seek an acting career. After appearing on the variety show King of Pop in 2015, Chen made his debut as a member of the boy band Mr. Bio.


2017–2019: Starting

Based on the novel by Rao Xueman, Chen made his acting debut in the youth drama All About Secrets in 2017. Chen appeared in the wuxia fantasy drama The Legend of Zu 2 in 2018. He debuted on the big screen in the comedy Miss Puff that same year. After that, he appeared in the suspenseful online drama Detective Chinatown and the costume comedy drama Hello Dear Ancestors.

From 2020 onwards: Growing renown

After acting in the wuxia drama Handsome Siblings in 2020, which was based on Gu Long’s novel Juedai Shuangjiao, Chen gained notoriety. For his performance of the main character, Xiao Yu’er—which translates to “Little Fish”—he received accolades. In the same year, he and Tan Jianci were cast in the historical drama Winner Is King, which was based on Priest’s novel Sha Po Lang. He will portray Chang Geng, the male lead. Chen co-starred with Xu Mengjie in the young campus drama Our Secret on Mango TV in 2021 as the male lead. Chen’s popularity shot through the roof once he was cast as Zhou Siyue, making him a celebrity. Alongside Shen Yue, Chen Zheyuan appeared in the critically acclaimed romantic fantasy serial Mr. Bad in 2022.

He costarred with Zhao Lusi in the 2023 television series adaption of Zhu Yi’s novel Hidden Love/Secretly Unable to Hide. His acting as Duan Jiaxu and his outstanding graphics made sure that he was recognized globally, causing his renown to soar. Sword and Fairy 4 (仙剑四, Tencent 祈今朝) featuring him as the male protagonist Yun Tuanhe (with Ju Jingyi) was published in 2024 by iQIYI. The popular gaming franchise serves as the basis for the series. 500 million views are reportedly in the first 15 days of the web broadcast. His dramas, The White Olive Tree (starring Liang Jie) and Dark Night and Dawn (starring Ningfei) are slated for transmission in 2024.