Saturday, June 15

A Nasa commission investigating UFOs holds its inaugural meeting 2023

On Wednesday, the first public meeting of a NASA panel investigating what the government refers to as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” more generally known as UFOs, began in order to review the findings that have been accumulated since the group’s inception a year ago.

The sixteen-member organization was established in June of last year with the purpose of investigating unclassified UFO sightings, which it refers to as UAP sightings, as well as other data acquired from both government and commercial sectors. Its members include specialists in subjects that range from physics to astrobiology.

June 2022 saw NASA’s UFO panel

During the opening comments, David Spergel, who serves as the panel chair, stated that “if I were to summarize in one line what I feel we’ve learned, it’s that we need high-quality data.”

NASA stated that the purpose of the public session that took place at the agency’s headquarters in Washington on Wednesday for a period of four hours was to have “final deliberations” before the team publishes a report, which Spergel said was scheduled to be released by the end of July.

Since they started their work, the panel members have been the target of online abuse and harassment, and they have “several months of work ahead of them,” according to Dan Evans, a senior research officer at NASA’s scientific branch. Evans also mentioned that the team had “several months of work ahead of them.”

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