Sunday, July 14

5G Signals Could Show Aliens Earth’s Location 2023

5G: Can aliens locate us? New research suggests this! Due to advances in wireless technology like 5G, Earth’s mobile transmissions might theoretically be detected by alien civilizations studying our planet.

Scientists suggest in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society that 5G technology for mobile networks and satellite connection may ease humanity’s eventual encounter with other civilizations.

How would it work?

Cable TV and the internet have reduced Earth’s leakage radiation from powerful TV signals. “Mobile communication systems were unknown until the 1990s, and they currently represent a new and still growing component of Earth’s human-generated radio emission,” noted research author Ramiro Saide.

Mobile networks are young, yet “radio-leakage” might lead aliens to humans. No research has examined the cumulative effect of mobile tower emissions on eavesdropping and SETI.

“Our study provides some insight on what we might expect if a human-like civilization exists elsewhere in the Milky Way with similar or indeed more advanced radio telescope technology,” the researchers concluded.

The study found that Earth’s radio-leakage has changed dramatically in recent decades. The data imply that emerging African countries, Japan, Vietnam, and China are contributing greatly.

The study gives insights on what to expect if another human-like civilization in the Milky Way galaxy has similar or more powerful radio telescopes.

“by analysing the flux variation of our planet as a function of time, it should be possible for an extraterrestrial civilisation to generate a simple model of our planet that reproduces regions that are dominated by land, vegetation, and oceans/ice,” the report adds.

With increasing leakage from Earth, aliens may be able to learn more about our world and how tech is spread.

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