Tuesday, July 23

£300,000 for Space Technology Exploitation Programme grantees 2023

Three Northern Irish space companies received STEP financing.

ADS Group and the UK Space Agency received £300,000 today to strengthen their supply chain and space economy involvement.

STEP was one of eighteen UK Space Agency initiatives established in February 2023 to promote the space sector.

As stated by the National Space Strategy, ADS will manage the pilot program allowing supply chains SMEs in Northern Ireland to collaborate with major enterprises and employ innovative, new solutions to tackle technological obstacles, opening new markets and boosting UK space capabilities.

The program’s first three funded initiatives are:

  • ANGOKA Ltd.’s quantum resilient technology safeguards space-based optical communications.
  • IceMOS Technology Ltd. employs a sophisticated engineering substrate for a Radiation Tolerant, High Voltage Silicon Carbide Embedded Drain MOSFET for High-Voltage Power Distribution aboard Spacecraft for LEO, MEO, and Deep Space Exploration.
  • Skytek Technology Ltd.—AR4Space uses Skytek’s groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology for Spacecraft Assembly, Integration, and Test (AIT).

ADS Group CEO Kevin Craven stated, “Northern Ireland is renowned for supply chain excellence, and I’m delighted that three innovative SMEs from the country are taking part in the STEP programme.

“The three funded projects can affect everyone. STEP initiatives guarantee that the UK preserves its strategic edge and remains at the forefront of unlocking new capabilities and skills as it quickly grows its footprint in the global space economy.

Dr. Paul Bate, UK Space Agency Chief Executive, congratulated the winners: “Creative talent and technical space expertise can be found across the UK. These projects, executed with ADS, showcase Northern Ireland’s developing space economy. They will boost space supply chain investment, employment, and capabilities.

The UK Space Conference in Belfast later this year will help promote the Northern Ireland space business.

ADS Group, a UK trade association with over 1,200 members, represents Aerospace, Defence, Security, and Space companies.

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