Tuesday, June 18

The next budget proposes Rs18.5bn on IT, research, space technologies 2023

It has been suggested that the three areas receive about 18.5 billion rupees combined.

The yearly development program includes a number of different agricultural research and cybersecurity initiatives, one of which being the Hemp Authority project from the time of the PTI.

The authorities want to produce smart cards, mobile SIMs, and chips domestically in an effort to lower the country’s import cost and preserve national data.

At the same time, the budget recommendations contain agricultural research and cybersecurity initiatives, including the Hemp Authority that was established during the time of the PTI.

The projected allocation for information technology, agricultural, and space research in the next budget is Rs1 billion greater than it was in the budget for the previous year, despite the fact that there are financial constraints.

IT, research, and space technologies budgeted at Rs18.5bn.

According to the official records, the budget for the growth of the country will contain 37 projects related to science and technology, such as space research. Additionally, 41 projects related to the Ministry of Information Technology are expected to be included.

As part of the development program, the production of smart cards, mobile SIMs, and chips is scheduled to take place as part of the plans for the next year.

Additionally, funds are anticipated to be allotted for the implementation of intelligent policing in the country to combat cybercrime, as well as programs for the protection and surveillance of digital activities.

Additionally, the online satellite image and the Pakistan Multi-Mission Communication Project are included in the budget for development.

Additionally, the cyber-efficient parliament project, the one patient-one ID project, and the virtual education initiatives are included in the budget plans. It is also anticipated that funds would be set aside for the Karachi IT Park, the Pakistan Digital Economy Cloud Data Center, and the training of independent contractors.

In addition, the growth strategy for the industry calls for the formation of a Hemp Authority as well as Testing Labs and the production of high-quality Agricultural Seeds.

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