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The Function Of Technology In Today’s Towing Companies

The last few decades have seen a rapid change in technology. Self-driving automobiles and social media almost wherever we go are things of the modern world. Almost every business has been touched by this change in technology, including towing services and the towing sector overall.

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Contemporary Technology & The Towing Sector

Hybrid and Electric Automobiles

One new development in the towing sector is the requirement to modify normal operating procedures to account for the unique requirements of electric cars. Different requirements apply when towing an electric car than one with an internal combustion engine. For instance, because the wheels of the Tesla Model 3 must stay still while being towed, the owner’s handbook suggests that it be towed on a flatbed truck.

GPS Monitoring Devices

When identifying the car that has to be towed, tow truck drivers may locate it more accurately, avoid traffic, and predict arrival times thanks to GPS tracking devices. Some GPS applications also notify commuters of nearby incidents that require tow trucks to attend to. This benefits towing providers in addition to drivers. Traffic builds up less quickly when a truck arrives at the scene of an accident.

Systems for Digital Dispatch

Calls may be routed straight to the mobile phone of the tow truck driver thanks to a computerized dispatch system. This implies that a person can explain their circumstances to their assigned tow truck driver over the phone by calling the tow truck office. This relatively recent invention facilitates speedier tow truck response times and improves communication.

Planning and Record-Keeping

Employees in the towing industry may conveniently manage and monitor their time cards and schedules from their mobile devices with online systems. By doing this, disparities are removed and it is guaranteed that there is enough staff on hand every day to serve every consumer. Additionally, it makes it possible for personnel to enter time sheets or task and tow information with fewer inaccuracy.

Systems for Mobile Payments

There are moments when you can perform a quick errand around the house without needing to bring your money. Nonetheless, in rare situations, folks become unfortunate and require tows. This is not as big of a problem as it used to be because of mobile payment systems like Apple Pay. In their offices and even while driving, a number of towing companies now take smartphone payments. In the event that the service you select does not accept mobile payments, make sure to inquire in advance with the dispatch staff about available payment options.

Towing Services Video Training

A growing number of trucking businesses are beginning to provide all of their new hires with video training. Skilled towing companies typically record films that go over some of the nuances of the work. These instructional movies aid in maintaining a uniform level of performance across the whole organization. A driver may always watch the training films again if they need to brush up on their abilities. Training films make sure that every tow is done correctly and give the tow truck drivers confidence in their ability to handle any scenario.

CCTV Systems

Camera systems represent yet another significant way that technology is used in the towing business.

These days, some tow trucks come with video cameras to aid clients and drivers alike. To protect the safety of all parties engaged in the scenario and to monitor that towing is done correctly, tow vehicles may be equipped with surveillance cameras. Furthermore, the truck’s side and rear cameras assist the driver in navigating the vehicle in challenging circumstances. Additionally, maintain records of events in case the towing firm is the target of legal action.

Digital Promotion for Towing Companies

Digital marketing is just another fantastic invention in the towing sector. Before the internet era, it was far more difficult for consumers to get in touch with towing providers. First, they might have had to trek many kilometers to the closest landline before cell phones. It was also required of them to keep tow truck numbers handy so they could contact in an emergency. Lastly, they were unable to access things like online booking systems and consumer feedback. When people search for a “towing company near me,” digital marketing helps towing companies show up at the top of the results. This makes it possible for towing firms to increase their clientele and conversion rates.

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