Wednesday, May 22

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How the First Air Jordan Was the Sneaker Icon

Almost single pair of Air Jordan 1s has a backstory. The iconic Bred colorway symbolizes a budding athlete turning into a national celebrity; they are the mainstay of Michael Jordan's marketing campaign and a large portion of the culture that has come to be known as "sneaker culture." The Shattered Backboards are based on the outfit he donned when he, well, broke the backboard in an exhibition game in Italy in 1985. Remember when the world's best basketball player ever took a year off to ride the bus in the lower leagues? when's what the Barons are all about. The Lettermans are a playful homage to the colors of the tracksuit that a teenage Michael once wore to the late-night talk show host when he expressed his opinion that the Breds were ugly. Read More: pandabuy shoes The first v...