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Which door casing styles are most appropriate for your home?

A simple method to add architectural interest to any room in your house is to add a beautiful door casing to the doorway. Almost any homeowner can finish this simple do-it-yourself project in a weekend. But how can you pick the ideal look for your house when there are so many options available? Read More: door moldings There are many various designs of door casings, and you and the next person may have quite different ideas about what looks good in your house. Many homeowners and builders have benefited from our assistance at excellent paint and tile in selecting door casings that fit their projects and match certain styles. Continue reading for a brief introduction to door casings and practical advice to get you going. Interior Door Casing: What Is It? The trim that surround...

What is the appropriate price for a photo booth?

The price to hire a photo booth can vary based on several aspects, including the kind of booth, duration of rental, event site, and other features or services included in the rental. Read More: Photo Booth rental In general, photo booth rentals can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The usual cost of a basic rental package is between $500 and $1,000, however self-service rental kits can be had for as little as $300. In order to make sure that everyone has enough time to snap pictures and that the photo booth is properly set up with an eye-catching background and entertaining decorations, you might want to allocate a greater sum for the renting of the booth if your event will be attended by hundreds of people. While some businesses only rent by the h...