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PVC tarpaulin: what is it?

PVC tarpaulin: what is it? Awnings, army tents, truck covers, truck curtain sides, tents, banners, inflatable goods, and adumbral materials are all frequently used with PVC Tarpaulin Sheet for construction. The best protective equipment for your products is polyester tarpaulins, PE canvas, truck tarpaulins, container covers, or tarpaulin fabric.

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What is tarpaulin made of PVC?

The foundation of PVC tarpaulin is made entirely of polyester fabric. Next, the base fabric is completely covered with PVC on both sides. This manufacturing process preserves the fabric’s flexibility and light weight while enabling it to be strong and tensile. To improve different aspects of the fabric, different surface treatments can be applied after the PVC coating is applied.

Applications for PVC Tarpaulin

Best value and fastest possible delivery.

Water- and fire-resistant

anti-UV and long-lasting


opposition to mildew.

Environmentally Friendly

Climate-Resistant: -35°C to +70°C

powerful and tear-resistant

PVC Tarpaulin Applications:

Side curtains, top roof, and pallet cover for trucks and trailers.

Awnings, Outdoor Event Tent (block out).

Playground, shelter from the rain and sun.

House building, carriage tent, and army tent.

Structure for Membrane Construction.

Medical Care Provided by Healthcare.

Package, Inflatable Fabric, Sport, etc.

Answers to Common Questions:

1. How are PVC tarps made?

Tarps made of poly, PVC, and vinyl are also simple to clean. Make use of a mild soap to clean. When it comes to dish soap, Blue Dawn is a good option.

2. What kind of tarps are used by trucks?

The most popular material for trucking applications is vinyl tarp. The ideal material for truck tarps is vinyl.

3. Are tarps essentially the same in all cases?

No. There are significant performance and variation between tarps. When looking for tarps and covers, you usually get what you paid for. For a comparison of the various tarps, please see the one above.

4. What time will your delivery be?

It usually takes between four and seven days after your advance payment is received. The items and quantity of your order determine the precise delivery time.

How Can a PVC Tarpaulin Be Repaired?

With use, tarpaulin may tear. There are various ways to fix things:

1. Repair Tape for Tarpaulin

Usually, PVC or sturdy fabric are used to make this tape. When applying the tape to the repaired area, make sure it extends beyond the repaired section.

2. Sewing Kit/PVC Repair Kit

Using a PVC repair kit made specifically for this purpose, you can quickly fix any minor damage to a PVC waterproof tarp. Prior to applying a patch, make sure the damaged area is clean and dry. Next, cut a patch to the appropriate size and apply adhesive to the patch. Make sure there are no air bubbles inside.

Nevertheless, using glue to attach PE tarpaulin is a challenging task, so this technique is not appropriate for PE. PE can be sealed with seam sealer after being stitched with a strong needle and thread.

3. The application of heat sealing

You can use the hot sealing method for larger damages. Cut a patch that is larger than the damaged area, then firmly press it onto the damaged area. After that, heat the edges with a hot air cannon so that the two materials fuse together.

The waterproof tarpaulin must be kept at a consistent temperature of between 130 and 145 degrees Celsius to avoid overheating or burning, which could cause further damage.

It is crucial to remember that the tarpaulin has a finite lifespan, regardless of the repair technique employed. None of these techniques will work well on tarpaulins that have been used for an extended period of time or that have sustained significant damage; instead, a new tarpaulin should be installed as soon as possible.


Both PVC and PE tarpaulin generally have benefits and drawbacks of their own. Whichever option you select, your choice will depend on a number of factors, including the specifications of your project, your budget, and other costs.