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Owners of Jeeps Are ‘Ducking’ Other Jeeps: An Analysis and Justification for This Trend

If you recently bought a Jeep, you might be curious about how you rose to such fame. You’ve probably noticed that other Jeep drivers wave to you as they pass. The reason for this is because owning a Jeep equates to belonging to a community.

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However, this collective mindset doesn’t end with a wave of friendship. Jeep ducking is a new practice that is strengthening ties among the community.

When you first hear the term “Jeep ducking,” you might assume it refers to swerving to avoid an approaching Jeep. Nevertheless, the game (also called “Duck, Duck, Jeep”) is based on goodwill and is, to put it mildly, far nicer than that.

We’ll go over the definition of Jeep ducking as well as its history. You’ll grin after reading the story, and you might even feel inspired to run out and get a Jeep of your own!

Lemon Ducking: What Is It?

It’s all about Jeep drivers sharing a small bath toy that looks like a rubber duck. We are aware that this is an odd pairing, but it just adds to the appeal.

In essence, Jeep drivers place these ducks and kind words of support on one other’s cars. This rubber ducky Jeep craze has taken over the trails and our hearts—talk about putting the pedal to the metal on wholesomeness!

How Did The Idea For Jeep Ducking Begin?

“Duck, Duck, Jeep” was originally introduced during COVID-19 in Ontario in 2020. All it took was for Allison Parliament, a Jeep owner, to decide that she wanted to brighten the day of another Jeep owner. So she noticed a parked Jeep and put a yellow rubber duck with a message on it. The intention was to cheer up a fellow Jeep owner and provide some much-needed happiness amid the epidemic.

Parliament and her friends decided to carry on with the concept because the receiver did find it hilarious. Along with “ducking” other Jeeps, they also used Facebook and Instagram to get the word out. Her Jeep dodging Facebook group currently has over 68,000 members as the habit caught off like wildfire. Currently, the tendency is present in all 50 states, Canada, and even foreign nations like Australia and Spain. It only goes to show how simple it is to accept a simple deed of compassion!

What’s the Goal of Jeep Ducking?

The act of ducking Jeeps remains a means of promoting goodwill. One may never be certain of what another person is going through, and a small yellow duck always makes people smile. In addition, buying for Jeep ducks to give away has been enjoyable for many. Numerous professions and personality types are represented by ducks, and some people have even attempted to match their duck gift to the Jeep’s personality.

Furthermore, some drivers have started titling their Jeeps so that the notes that go with the duck reflect their unique calling card. One woman, for example, gave her Jeep the name “Hedwig” and put a sticker of a snowy owl next to it. She writes her Jeep name on her note. Since the group is so close-knit, there’s a considerable possibility they’ll cross paths again.

The influence of the trend has increased along with it. In an effort to cheer up people outside of their own neighborhood, Jeep clubs are now coming together to participate in parades and charitable events.

Rules for “Duck, Duck, Jeep”

There aren’t any strict guidelines for “Duck, Duck, Jeep.” But the idea is that a driver of a Jeep places a rubber duck with an explanation message on another Jeep. The receiver should snap a photograph of it as soon as they locate it and share it on social media with the hashtags #duckduckjeep or #duckingjeep. The duck is then transferred to a different Jeep to continue its journey. Alternatively, you might purchase a new duck to gift to someone else if you choose to keep your gifted duck.

All you need to do to participate in this activity is purchase some ducks to tote about. With a range of designs for ducks, duck keychains, pool floats, and other items, people have shown creativity.

Naturally, you are under no need to comply. You could just take a wash and head home with your Jeep duck. But, you might feel inclined to return the favor at least once after realizing how that small deed of kindness made you feel. That’s how this trend became so popular!

What Is the Duck Note Meant to Say?

You should write something brief, such as “Nice Jeep” or “Nice Ride,” on the note that goes with the duck, then add the words “You’ve been ducked!” Give directions on how to snap a photo and share it on social media, along with the hashtags you should use. Some people choose to leave a distinguishing feature, such as a name, color, emblem, or body wrap, on their own Jeep.

You can also include any kind words of encouragement or a humorous joke in your email to help promote love and positivity!

Duck Pond: What Is It?

A duck pond is created when a Jeep owner displays their collection of ducks—which they have received—on the dash area of their vehicle for public viewing.

Which Jeep Models Are Ducked?

While the Jeep Wranglers were the ones who actually launched this trend, any Jeep brand car might be copied. Therefore, don’t be bashful if you drive a Cherokee or Patriot. Of course, you may join in on the fun and try your hand at some ducking yourself.

Some Jeeps have received hundreds of ducks as gifts, while others haven’t seen one yet. These Jeeps just appear to be duck magnets.