Monday, July 15

How safe is Remitano in your opinion?

Remitano is the safest cryptocurrency exchange I have used since I began trading in 2017. Remitano receives a 9 from me on a scale of 1 to 10. I’ve been buying and selling bitcoin on Remitano since 2017, and I have never lost a penny due to fraud or any other unfavorable circumstance.

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Since its creation in 2015, Remitano is perhaps the only well-known exchange that has remained unhacked. Remitano has extremely strict security to guarantee the protection of user payments.

The most incredible security feature on the platform is the Remitano escrow tool for peer-to-peer transactions. Purchasing bitcoin using the reliable escrow service for peer-to-peer transactions means you won’t lose a cent. When the deal is started, the escrow freezes the seller’s bitcoin. You can be sure that no one will con you in this way.

The most concerning security incident I had on Remitano occurred when a vendor attempted to use deception to avoid paying me for the bitcoin I had paid for. After I showed evidence of payment, my Bitcoin was released after being detained for a few days.

Remitano’s rating system, however, currently only guarantees that you interact with reputable vendors as a means of safeguarding their brand.

With an average trust rating of 4.5 across several review sites, such as Facebook and TrustPilot, Remitano is also the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

It’s Worth Trying: I Acquired Trust

It’s the first time I’ve used Remitano. I’d want to purchase Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin was worth about 45,000 MYR at the time. I was too scared to attempt at first. However, my family and friends support and encourage me. I decided to give the P2P exchange that was already there on ads a go. I abide by the rules as instructed by my boss. She was seated next to me when I made my first purchase. I completed it at last. The move went smoothly. While I waited for the vendor to send the Bitcoin I had purchased, I was somewhat anxious. Regretfully, there was absolutely no reaction after thirty minutes. At that moment, I was really terrified. Where does my money end up? Was this a safe place to trade?

I was enslaved by terror. There was still no development and no response from the vendor after an hour. Abruptly, I got a message that the vendor had truly declined my order. Oh, I see. I now see why it was not given to me. It is as a result of the seller’s rejections. I was depressed at the time. It was not my luck on the first try. I take my fate carefully.

Following that, my other concerns returned. How can I receive my refund? The money went missing. Where was it? Were they safe, and could I get my money back? For all the major traders, it might not seem like much, but for a novice like myself, it is a significant sum. Nearly a hundred and fifty.

I make an effort to maintain my composure among my family and leader. Act as though I was extremely cool, but only God knew what was going on inside. Once more, I’m worried.

Please don’t waste time by putting off reporting to Remitano as soon as you discover something isn’t correct. Act right away! I messaged the Remitano Bot, requesting assistance. Thank heavens! It was really quick, extremely simple to comprehend, and very beneficial. The Remitano Bot requests that I follow the refund procedure step-by-step. I was required to provide every screenshot pertaining to the transactions. I did as instructed, providing all the evidence of financial activities.

I finally got my money back with Remitano Wallet after around a day. I’m overjoyed. It is worthwhile to give a try. Experience taught me new lessons and new things. I need to use the money, so I transfer it to my own bank. I’ve learned something, though, and I feel secure using this reliable exchanger. I am excited to provide advise to everyone by sharing this.

Seek assistance if you are unsure. Take a screenshot and save every transaction evidence for your records. I appreciate you allowing me to share my Remitano experience. I’m excited to utilize this exchanger and benefit from it in the future. Here, create your own Remitano moment.