Sunday, July 14

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Intercourse

1. Maintains the Health of Your Immune System

According to sexual health specialist Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, “sexually active people take fewer sick days.”

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Sex increases the amount of a substance that protects the body against viruses, bacteria, and other invaders. A study conducted by researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania revealed that college students who engaged in sexual activity once or twice a week had elevated levels of a specific antibody in contrast to those who did not.

2. Increases Libido

Do you wish your sexual life was livelier? According to Lauren Streicher, MD, having sex will enhance desire and make sex better. She works as an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago.

According to her, having sex increases suppleness, blood flow, and vaginal lubrication in women, all of which improve the sensation of sex and make you want more of it.

3. Enhances Bladder Control in Women

About 30% of women may have incontinence at some point in their life, so having a healthy pelvic floor is essential.

Healthy sex is similar to exercising your pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles flex during an orgasm, strengthening them in the process.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure

According to research, having sex may help reduce blood pressure, says Joseph J. Pinzone, MD. He is Amai Wellness’s CEO and medical director.

He states, “Many studies have been conducted.” A significant study discovered that having sex directly reduced systolic blood pressure, not masturbation. The initial figure on your blood pressure reading is that.

5. Is Considered Exercise

According to Pinzone, “sex is a really great form of exercise.” Although it can’t take the place of the treadmill, it nevertheless has value.

Compared to watching TV, having sex burns four more calories every minute. It works many muscles and raises your heart rate, giving you a one-two punch.

Thus, get going! To ensure that you have time for it often, you could even wish to clear your schedule. According to Pinzone, “consistency helps maximize the benefits, just like with exercise.”

6. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

Good sexual health is beneficial to your heart. Sex balances your levels of testosterone and estrogen and is also a wonderful method to increase heart rate.

Pinzone states, “You start to get lots of problems, like osteoporosis and even heart disease, when either one of those is low.”

Getting more sex might be beneficial. guys who had sex at least twice a week were shown to have a 50% lower risk of dying from heart disease compared to guys who had sex seldom.

7. Reduces Pain

Try for an orgasm before you grab an aspirin.

Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD, a distinguished service professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, asserts that “orgasm can block pain.” It causes the production of a hormone that helps you tolerate more pain.

An orgasmic stimulation can also work wonders. According to Komisaruk, “we’ve discovered that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back and leg pain, and many women have told us that genital self-stimulation can reduce headache, arthritic pain, and menstrual cramps.”

8. May Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Taking risks might help prevent prostate cancer.

One research found that men who ejaculated often (at least 21 times per month) had a lower risk of prostate cancer (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2005).

To enjoy this advantage, you don’t need a partner: Masturbation, nocturnal emission, and sexual relations were all included.

It’s unclear from the study if sex was the sole factor that mattered. Many variables influence the risk of cancer. However, having more sex won’t be harmful.

9. Enhances Sleep

After sex, you could fall asleep faster, and that makes sense.

According to Sheenie Ambardar, MD, “the hormone prolactin is released after orgasm, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness” following sex. She practices psychology in West Hollywood, California.

10. Reduces Stress

Having your mate close by helps reduce tension and worry.

Hugging and caressing might unleash your body’s endogenous “feel-good hormone,” according to Ambardar. A brain chemical that activates your brain’s pleasure and reward systems is released during sexual excitement.

According to Ambardar, closeness and sex can also increase happiness and self-worth. It’s a prescription for a happy life as well as one that is healthy.